Bunion treatment with MELT

Tired of bunion pain? Looking for a holistic bunion treatment?

A few months ago, I spent two-days in the Melt Method’s Hand & Foot Training. I was fortunate to have Melt Founder and Manual Therapist, Sue Hitzmann come to our studio for this incredible training. Though the training was for those wanting to learn more about the Melt Method, we got an incredible introduction into the sensory nerve system–what Sue has named– the neuro-fascia system. She shared how treating the hands and feet help stimulate and self-heal both as a “global treatment”. With over 7000 nerve endings in each feet, and being our foundation for standing, walking and all things bi-ped, it’s easy to see why keeping our feet healthy is vital to our livelihood. Pain in the feet is truly debilitating and can stop us from engaging in life and doing the things we love.

When I was in the fitness industry, I had horrible pain in my feet, particularly my inherited  “bunions” or  inflamed big toe joint. I could hardly move my big toe. Interestingly, back then, I never really questioned my exercise program in relationship to my feet. My bunions and their pain, was something I “just had” and “lived with”.  It wasn’t until I started taking yoga and was expected to do child’s pose with my toes turned under when I began to question my lack of foot health. I was beginning to teach Nia too and moving consciously while barefoot helped heal my feet tremendously.

Flash forward to 2013, when I met the Melt Method and learned they had a bunion treatment. I loved it the minute I tried the bunion treatment. And even though my big toe joint has healed tremendously I still had more healing to do. I want my right big toe to be straight! In the hand and foot training while learning the bunion treatment, Sue asked us to put the bunion band on and be able to lift our big toes while keeping the other four toes down on the ground. Good news, I could easily move all my toes upward, even my big toe. The bummer news– I could not independently put my big toe down while keeping the other four off the floor. Give it a try!

Ah-ha moment: My toes were not trained to be independent but instead were acting as all one unit.  The big toes plays a HUGE part in stability and balance. It needs to be independent!

After a few steady weeks of training with Melt and doing the foot and bunion treatment I am happy to report I can now lift my big toe without lifting any of my other toes. My feet feel great. Below is a picture documenting the first time I could do the treatment as prescribed (without having to physically hold my other four toes down). Progress.. I love it!!

If you are interested in healing foot pain, leg cramps, bunions or poor balance, I urge you to join my 3-session Melt Hand and Foot series  starting September 7th. Update: this event is sold out. If you’d like info on future MELT events you can email Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com .  Here’s my listing on the Melt Website.

If you are a do-it yourselfer or can’t wait till then, you can purchase the Hand and Foot kit which comes with a very good instructional DVD here.

Here’s a great article on happy feet from The Melt Method Blog.

Happy healing!

Painful bunions--be gone!

Painful bunions–be gone!