Yoga Conditioning Continues into July w/ Jill

Join personal training and movement instructor Jill Pagano in a Yoga Conditioning Immersion. Let June and July be your month to JUMP in!  Interested in a fun and meaningful way to get stronger, more flexible and more connected to your body? How about learn some self-care exercises and body mechanics that will have you feeling better?

Throughout the program we’ll be evolving through Jill’s Process of Noticing–checking in and asking ourselves some of these questions to gain more self-awareness and connection:

  • What do I notice in this posture?
  • What am I (body.mind.emotions.spirit) experiencing?
  • Is where I am valuable?
  • Is anything missing?
  • What is my potential here?
  • What would I like to choose: to stay, to change, or to get support
  • Was that choice valuable?
  • Where am I in the posture, now?….

Classes are Monday at 10am, Wed at 6:30am and Saturday at 9am. Please check the website calendar as Jill is traveling in July and these classes will not be held:

NO classes on: July 16, July 18, July 20 and July 30th.

Registration for the entire program is necessary, however you can always drop in to any of the classes for drop-in fee ($18.50)or using your 5 Class Pass w/ Jill ($82.50).

Email with questions or 206-999-1743.

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