September Saturday’s 9am with Jill–What are we doing? Awakening to Embodiment

This post is an email I sent to my Saturday 9am group of Movers and Shakers. Each week I email participants what I’ve been playing with and want to bring to class on Saturday.  The Saturday 9am class is currently titled: Awakening to Embodiment and is developing out of my personal experience learning how to enjoy a healthy and vibrant relationship with my body. I  move (usually with music) to connect and continually reconnect deeper to my body. Moving my body is my spiritual work. It is where I hear the deep whispers of my essence and where I receive messages that bring me insights, grace and peace. Moving my body is where I feel the most alive and who I was born to be. It is from this place that has been the energetic wellspring of my new, yet to be titled, body of work, that is in a very playful, freeform state.  Here is a segment of my writings and what we’ll play with on Saturday, September 10th (9-10;15, open to all):
9/8/16  Hello Saturday Movers and Shakers–
I’ve spent the past few days diving in deeper to what we started last week–emotion and expressiveness. Spending time asking myself and my body what was valuable about moving with emotion and is that the same thing as expressing myself in movement. I tossed around what I felt it meant to be emotional and to be expressive. Are they exclusive? Are they synonymous? Do I always have to be “emotional” in order to be “expressing myself?”
My brain got pretty worked up trying to come to some sort of answer. Which is when I realized “oh yeah, what about not drawing any conclusions.” What matters more to me than having an answer is having an experience—me learning by self-reflecting, being curious and engaged with the wonderment of discovery. I want moments where I feel closest to being myself (and) in my body. How about you? Would you prefer that experience versus me giving you some conclusion I’ve drawn up? I tell ya Good-Ole-Fashion Conclusions really get me in my head and out of my body. The energy of Conclusions nearly always leaves me thinking “Am I there yet? Am I right? Am I good enough? BLAH! No thank you!
Soooo, after a few hours and six handwritten pages drawing less conclusions and more curiosity, here’s what stuck out and what I’d like to play with on Saturday (9am) Wanna join?: Embodied Expression, a moment of intra-self-body communication. The format of class will be per usual. Time on the floor, time upright, time dancing. And if you want we can drool over Shawn Mendes’ video through the focus of Intra-Self-Body-Communication 🙂 Ah, here it is again if you missed it: Shawn Mendes, Mercy (I feel a fantastic display of Embodied Expressiveness…and he just turned 18yrs old!)
Embodied Expressiveness: a moment of Intra-Self-Body communication? 
For me expressing myself through, and with, my body is  — the experience of having internal communication between me and my body without thought or consciously crafting an outcome. My desired result of expressing is not in the creation, not in the end product (what people may see). Being of, or with, expression is a moment when the essence of me fills my body and my body seamlessly creates something: movement, gesture, sound, stillness. It is in that non-thinking moment where the relationship between self and body develops cohesiveness and integration. I become of One. Less separate and fragmented for that moment in time. Seamless.
My experience in what I call Embodied Expressiveness is a wordless& without thought conversation that happens void of conscious or purposeful manifestation. Movement happens without the idea of “constructing something”. Movement happens as an offspring of the communication between my self and my body. Expressing myself is where movement happens simply because something, somewhere inside of me  whispers and I move–it’s just like when a smile spreads across my face– I don’t have to tell my lips how to do it.—Being embodied and expressive is a display of me, in the moment. authentic.
What is the benefit of Embodied Expressive moments? Why is moving expressively valuable?
Having expressive moments in my movement practice develops the foundation of trust, non-censorship, and non-judgement between me and my body.   The benefit of seamless, timeless communication between my essence and my body is the profound birthright that allows me to be me. Full throttle permission. acceptance and ownership.
And for me, it feels like time stops and all is right in my world–even when it last just for fraction of a moment and slips in and out of my grasp without warning.