We have some updates for you.

The Center for Movement & Healing is now Limber Yoga and Wellness.

If you are are interested in:
– Yoga classes with Limber Yoga, please click here: http://www.limberyoga.com/

– Nia classes (and other classes that were held at The Center for Movement & Healing), please visit: http://www.move2centerstudio.com/

– Jill Pagano, Former Founding Director, MELT Teacher & Somatic Movement Educator, please visit: http://www.jillpagano.com/

Those of you interested in everything yoga,  visit  Limber Yoga & Wellness, offering welcoming yoga instruction in a warm community environment. Many thanks and well wishes to Aubrey Jackson, owner of Limber Yoga as she steps into a fuller expression of her passion.

It is with great pleasure that I pass the studio-owner baton to Melanie McFarland, Alyssa Aimette and Julianne Taub. This threesome heard the call of their heart to open their own movement studio—and just a few miles away! This new studio, Move2Center, will carry on the best of Nia, Dance, Melt and other movement modalities that feed body, mind and soul. Please Join Us!

As for myself, Jill, I will return to my soul’s desire of sharing what I learn and love. That will come in the form of more classes, Facebook educational group and finally, a book-all on the horizon. Stay tuned via my new website.

We all look forward to seeing you.

Jill Pagano
Former Founding Director
The Center for Movement & Healing