CenterMoveHeal: Happier Feet with Jill, Video #1

Many of you know I’m obsessed with having happy feet. After decades of beating up my feet with high impact exercise, I learned the hard way that feet can not (and should not) be ignored. I’ve been on quite the exploration learning about my feet, feet in general and how to help them heal. It’s recently come to my attention that I am not the only one who needs a little help with having healthier feet. So here I am beginning to share the tools and tips that I find along the way to have happier feet. If your interested in learning more with me I invite you to do three things 1) like our facebook page The Center for Movement & Healing (that’s where I’ll keep posting) 2) find me on facebook (jillpagano) and 3) sign up for our newsletter so I can invite you to attend my upcoming workshop on Getting Happy Feet. Till then…give your feet some LOVE!