CenterMoveHeal: Create Happier Feet w/ Jill, Video #2

Hi Gang,
Your starting to get an idea how much I love feet–and also how important they are to feeling good and ready to move forward in life. Feet that are immobile can create real pain elsewhere in the body. They also can diminish your ability to walk up and down steps, to push yourself into a tall SUV or quickly get across a busy street or catch your balance. In fact, as we age, movements we took for granted slowly become a little “harder” or “awkward”. Getting your feet to be nimble and more grounded is one quick and simple way to stay agile and youthful. We all know “if your feet hurt–you hurt”.

Here’s my latest video snippet walking you through one way to keep your feet happier–move them! Do “the accordion, the wave (or banana) and “wring the rag” for healthier and happier feet. Want more tips? Go to subscribe to our newsletter. Or check out Jill on Facebook @ Jill Pagano or CenterMoveHeal.