The Nia White Belt @CMH! A rare opportunity in December.


Britta vonTagen says a few words about The White Belt and what you can expect from taking it.



We’re so pleased that Nia trainer Britta Von Tagen is returning to The Center for Movement for a White Belt Intensive over two weekends in December: the 8th, 9th and 10th, and the 15th, 16th and 17th.

The White Belt is a special experience.  And If the desire is in you, we highly encourage you to take this White Belt with Britta for very concrete reasons.

One, it’s over two weekends. Most Belt trainings are a solid week, requiring some to expend several days of vacation time. And it’s worth it to do that…but wouldn’t you rather keep your time off?

Two, it’s here in Seattle…which means if you live in the area, you can head back home in the evening, sleep in your own bed, soak in your tub, order your favorite pizza — you catch my drift. Belt trainings in other cities are fantastic…but you have to pay for lodging and food.

Three, and this is a big one: This will be the final Belt training to be held at The Center for Movement & Healing. CM&H is transitioning into  Limber Yoga in Jan. 2018, and there will not be space available in the schedule for the multiple hours the trainings need.

Please register by November 8 to secure a slot for this incredible opportunity. Questions? Feel free to ask me or Ann Nicolaysen, or read more about the White Belt by clicking here.


You can learn more about the white belt here: About the White Belt: