Center Move Heal


What We Believe to be Real and True:

The studio at The Center for Movement & Healing.

At the heart of The Center for Movement & Healing is our philosophy that conscious and joyful movement is a key ingredient to health, wellness and happiness. Notice how the word “exercise” or “workout” is void from our languaging, this website and our classes. We believe movement and consciousness is medicine of the best kind.

What our Purpose is:

The Center for Movement & Healing’s purpose is simple: Center.Move.Heal.– Everything we do here is for that reason.

Who and Why:

The Center for Movement & Healing in West Seattle was founded by Jill Pagano, an inspiring body educator with 25 years experience in fitness and wellness. The Center’s existence is an extension of Jill’s life purpose: “To Share what I Learn and Love”.  Jill founded The Center for Movement & Healing as a place to encourage others to live in and love their body & life in a welcoming and supportive community.

Our Vision:The Center for Movement & Healing’s vision is  offer something truly unique~a progressive and welcoming place holding many forms of  “alternative” movement and healing practices, for every BODY. Our vision includes connecting to West Seattle teaching professionals and practitioners offering them an attractive, clean and welcoming place to operate their business and create a sustainable livelihood.