What Nia Is and Isn’t

Nia’s is an Operator’s Manual for your Body

Nia’s is based on The Body’s Way– huh?–The Body’s Way means we research and learn how the body is designed. We move and condition our body based on the design.  Just like your car operator’s manual, your body has one too. When you understand The Body’s Way,  you know how to condition it for pleasure, optimal performance and limited wear and tear (injuries).

You have an Invisible Dance Partner.

The music. In Nia, you’ll hear a variety of music styles– lyrical, ambient and rhythmic. Music motivates our bodies to move creatively and keeps our brain healthy. Music variety mean you’ll have movement variety which gets you in great shape without boredom or repetitive-stress injuries.

It’s Kinda like Jazzercise… Kinda Like Zumba… but different.

You got apples (Jazzercise), oranges (step aerobics) and mangos (Zumba)–similar but different. Nia similarly contributes to the fruit basket of choice. And each Nia class has a distinct flavor.  As the saying goes you can’t compare apples to oranges.

So, What Makes Nia Different?

Take off the Bubble Wrap and Strengthen Your Feet.

A Nia class is designed barefoot.  We use the power and connection of our feet: 35 joints and 28 bones, held together by 120 ligaments and activated by at least 20 muscles in each foot. Do you really want to wrap them in padded shoes so they become weaker?

The Drill Sargent has Left the Building.

Don’t expect “give me 1o more!” or “push it!”- Sorry, as a Nia teacher you’ll be invited and guided to listen to your body, not override it. We don’t bully our body, we befriend it.

You’ll Become a Body-Wise Cookie.

Nia is somatic or “sensory” which means instead of  simply doing movement you’ll sense movement.  And why is this important? By sensing your body (hearing the voice which say this feels good, this doesn’t) you’ll hear your body’s important messages, what it needs, how to keep it healthy and when to seek help. You basically become one body-wise-cookie.

Battery Acid or Peach Juice with your Workout?

With Nia you’ll discover ways to move that feel good, all within easy-to-learn choreography. Pleasure–defined as “being in a state of feeling good”– is like soaking your 75 trillion cells in peach juice. Stress, pain and anxiety are like bathing your cells in battery acid–no kidding, cellular science talking here. Which appeals to you?

You are Not a Robot. 

In a Nia class you’re gonna move like a human. Traditional fitness can be a lot of pushing and pulling in straight lines. And let’s be honest, some thrashing.  Nia choreorgraphy is based on 52 moves, each and every one of them designed to condition your entire body, based on how they fit YOU–not a robot. You’ll learn these 52 moves along the way…they are quick to pick up, though take practice to master (that’s the fun part!).

Have an Experience versus just Exercise.

You’ll smile (and sweat, too).  There’s a good chance you’ll catch yourself feeling something *gasp* more. Why? Because moving your body to inspiring music in a way that feels good can,  …well… be an experience. You are a body, have a mind, feel with emotions and are a unique spirit. In Nia, we don’t leave any of those part behind.  Those tingle moments, when everything feels just right, is the secret sauce of Nia—can you feel the goosebumps?