Welcome Limber Yoga!

It is with a smile on my face and open studio doors that I welcome Limber Yoga to The Center for Movement & Healing! Aubrey Jackson and her talented team of instructors will begin a full yoga program and schedule at CMH starting Monday, July 10th, 2017.  The past two weeks have been a flurry of blending schedules and space. Please be patient with us as we move furniture around, reorganize class schedules and begin to find a new wonderful vibrant “normal”.

Below you will see the intended kickoff schedule. Within the next few weeks CMH will have Limber’s individual classes on the CMH schedule. And of course you can go to www.Limberyoga.com for yoga class and pricing information as well. If  you are a currently a Limber member or take drop-in classes, your process remains the same–just at a new location.  If you normally take Nia or other classes at CMH, your process remains the same too. For everyone: PLEASE CHECK SCHEDULES–a few classes have moved days and/or times.

Interested in taking yoga with Limber: contact aubrey@limberyoga.com

Interested in renting studio space for your class or special event/workshop: Contact Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com

Black type is CMH classes and Purple is Limber Yoga.



Get CPR Trained–or renewed –Saturday, June 10th from 4:30-7:30pm

Learn to save a life!

Join Marc Lainhart, from CPR Services Northwest, for a 3 hour CPR certification course on June 10th from 4:30-7:30pm.  The course is the HeartSaver +AED course. You can sign up online his web site at: www.cpr-nw.com Please choosing the ‘Heartsaver AED’ course at $55 per student. Marc will know you are choosing the course for June 10th at The Center for Movement & Healing. You can also email mark at mjlainhart@comcast.net and make arrangements to pay at the start of the course.


Nia workshop w/ Britta Von Tagen– Your Every Fiber

Join Nia Faculty Trainer, Britta von Tagen Saturday, June 10th from 11am 2:00pm in a class and workshop on your every fiber. This three-hour experience will look at the delicate makeup of your fascia nd how dancing stimulates your Central Nervous System.

Please register here via paypal. You can also reserve your space by calling Ann Nicolaysen at 206-963-9479.
Early bird $45 + sales tax.
Registration for Saturday, June 10th 11-2pm workshop w/ Britta

Jill’s class moves to 9:30am (starting June 3rd) YOGA Bodywork w/ Jill


Jill’s Yoga Bodywork class moves start time to 9:30am. This will make a morning of movement with a new Nia class coming on Saturday’s at 11:00am with Julianne Taube starting June 17th.

Saturday Workshop: Developing your Spiritual Connections

Join spirit mediums Marc Lainhart and Cynthia Rose McCaw for an afternoon workshop:




New Class: Pilates With Liz

Liz Dilley - Pilates with LizHappy New Year! Starting Monday, January 9th at 5:15 PM, classical Pilates instructor Liz Dilley (PilatesWithLiz.com), will begin an ongoing weekly Pilates Mat class. Join her for a 55 minute class with an emphasis on alignment, safety and repatterining. This is a fundamentals class that challenges everyone from the seasoned mover to the new discoverer. We will focus on the Pilates fundamentals: Breath, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow and Precision.

Pilates is a beautiful way to alleviate pain from musculature imbalances in the body while strengthening and lengthening. Working the mind body connection is a proven way to not only improve brain functionality and sharpen the mind, but also, similar to mediation, improve mood, memory and relieve stress. One of Liz’s constant goals while teaching is for her clients to leave her feeling longer, stronger, more balanced and hopefully in a lighter mood.

Liz Dilley grew up on Vashon Island, and danced in London, New York and Seattle. Most recently she was living in the five burrows of New York City, where she received her full Pilates Certification from Core Pilates NYC, a school based in Romana Kryzanowska teachings. She was in New York for 12 years pursuing a performing career. First as a contemporary dancer and then as an actor. She found Pilates while healing from a shoulder injury. Pilates did more for her than any other form of movement. She found her dancing was stronger and more supported when working with Pilates. Like many others Pilates has not only changed her dancing, but also her day to day life and how she feels in the world. She has been teaching Pilates since 2013.

Liz is very excited to be a part of the collection of dedicated teachers at the Center For Movement And Healing and is looking forward to meeting more of the wonderful clientele.

See more about Pilates With Liz on the Class Schedule.

Pain-Free 2017–MELT Intro Class Wed. January 11th w/ Jill

Wednesday, January 11th Intro to the MELT Method with trainer and MELT instructor, Jill Pagano.

Join Jill and get first-hand experience and see if MELT is for you. Jill has been MELTing for over four years and it serves as her “go-to” treatment to help decrease pain, increase mobility and serve as hands-off bodywork–a little every day, helps her pain go away!

Email  Jill@Centermoveheal.com to hold your spot.




Cultivating Mind-Body Balance, a Mini-Retreat w/ Susan Tate

Cultivating Mind-Body Balance
A Delightful Mini Retreat
With Susan Tate

Sunday, November 20

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Center for Movement and Healing

7901 35th Ave SW
West Seattle

$45* advanced registration

$50 at the door


Are you . . .

Looking for more peace and balance in your life?

In the midst of a life transition?

Seeking ways to increase your energy?

Dealing with a chronic or unexpected health concern?

Motivated to enhance your current level of wellness?


Come and be rejuvenated, invigorated, and inspired to explore your best path to creating dynamic balance in your life. Through discussion, inquiry, meditation, and movement, you will be invited to lovingly listen to your mind-body. You will have the opportunity to discover ways to bring more balance, happiness, pleasure, and wellbeing into your life. As always, we will seal in our time together with a special one-hour Nia routine, designed to dance these concepts into your body. No prior Nia experience necessary.

Susan Tate is a certified black belt Nia instructor and certified Nia Five Stages of Self-Healing instructor. Susan discovered Nia in 1997 while she was the Director of Health Promotion and assistant professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia and has been teaching Nia since 1999.

Susan is an author, teacher, and wellness visionary. Her most recent books include Into the Mouths of Babes, 3rd ed., and Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit. She teaches internationally and is recognized worldwide for her empowering and inspirational approach to holistic wellness.

To register through Eventbrite, click here.


Oct 8th w/ Britta V: The Craft of the Warrior–Consciously create your life choices.

Join Nia Faculty Trainer, Britta von Tagen as she returns to Seattle and CMH to share her latest workshop: The Craft of the Warrior–Consciously create your life choices as the way of a peaceful warrior. Britta has been sharing this workshop throughout the Pacific Northwest and getting rave reviews as she shares her experience and lessons from her practice of sword dancing. This workshop combines the practice of Nia with the practice of sword dancing as a way to generate inner strength and deeply gratifying wisdom.

The Classic Nia class and workshop are open to every body–no experience needed!

Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016 at The Center for Movement & Healing

10:00-11:15am Classic Nia Class w/ Britta ($20)

11:15-2:15pm   The Craft of the Warrior workshop ( $40 after Oct.2)

Register for class, workshop or both below or Contact Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com with any questions/inquiries.


Options for Oct. 8th


September Saturday’s 9am with Jill–What are we doing? Awakening to Embodiment

This post is an email I sent to my Saturday 9am group of Movers and Shakers. Each week I email participants what I’ve been playing with and want to bring to class on Saturday.  The Saturday 9am class is currently titled: Awakening to Embodiment and is developing out of my personal experience learning how to enjoy a healthy and vibrant relationship with my body. I  move (usually with music) to connect and continually reconnect deeper to my body. Moving my body is my spiritual work. It is where I hear the deep whispers of my essence and where I receive messages that bring me insights, grace and peace. Moving my body is where I feel the most alive and who I was born to be. It is from this place that has been the energetic wellspring of my new, yet to be titled, body of work, that is in a very playful, freeform state.  Here is a segment of my writings and what we’ll play with on Saturday, September 10th (9-10;15, open to all):
9/8/16  Hello Saturday Movers and Shakers–
I’ve spent the past few days diving in deeper to what we started last week–emotion and expressiveness. Spending time asking myself and my body what was valuable about moving with emotion and is that the same thing as expressing myself in movement. I tossed around what I felt it meant to be emotional and to be expressive. Are they exclusive? Are they synonymous? Do I always have to be “emotional” in order to be “expressing myself?”
My brain got pretty worked up trying to come to some sort of answer. Which is when I realized “oh yeah, what about not drawing any conclusions.” What matters more to me than having an answer is having an experience—me learning by self-reflecting, being curious and engaged with the wonderment of discovery. I want moments where I feel closest to being myself (and) in my body. How about you? Would you prefer that experience versus me giving you some conclusion I’ve drawn up? I tell ya Good-Ole-Fashion Conclusions really get me in my head and out of my body. The energy of Conclusions nearly always leaves me thinking “Am I there yet? Am I right? Am I good enough? BLAH! No thank you!
Soooo, after a few hours and six handwritten pages drawing less conclusions and more curiosity, here’s what stuck out and what I’d like to play with on Saturday (9am) Wanna join?: Embodied Expression, a moment of intra-self-body communication. The format of class will be per usual. Time on the floor, time upright, time dancing. And if you want we can drool over Shawn Mendes’ video through the focus of Intra-Self-Body-Communication 🙂 Ah, here it is again if you missed it: Shawn Mendes, Mercy (I feel a fantastic display of Embodied Expressiveness…and he just turned 18yrs old!)
Embodied Expressiveness: a moment of Intra-Self-Body communication? 
For me expressing myself through, and with, my body is  — the experience of having internal communication between me and my body without thought or consciously crafting an outcome. My desired result of expressing is not in the creation, not in the end product (what people may see). Being of, or with, expression is a moment when the essence of me fills my body and my body seamlessly creates something: movement, gesture, sound, stillness. It is in that non-thinking moment where the relationship between self and body develops cohesiveness and integration. I become of One. Less separate and fragmented for that moment in time. Seamless.
My experience in what I call Embodied Expressiveness is a wordless& without thought conversation that happens void of conscious or purposeful manifestation. Movement happens without the idea of “constructing something”. Movement happens as an offspring of the communication between my self and my body. Expressing myself is where movement happens simply because something, somewhere inside of me  whispers and I move–it’s just like when a smile spreads across my face– I don’t have to tell my lips how to do it.—Being embodied and expressive is a display of me, in the moment. authentic.
What is the benefit of Embodied Expressive moments? Why is moving expressively valuable?
Having expressive moments in my movement practice develops the foundation of trust, non-censorship, and non-judgement between me and my body.   The benefit of seamless, timeless communication between my essence and my body is the profound birthright that allows me to be me. Full throttle permission. acceptance and ownership.
And for me, it feels like time stops and all is right in my world–even when it last just for fraction of a moment and slips in and out of my grasp without warning.