Special Event: Sound Alchemy–Transformational Sound Work w/ Shandi.

Please join us Saturday, April 30th for a special evening of transformation sound healing with Shandi Wolfe-Weaver. Doors open at 7:15 with the event beginning at 7:30pm. Door close/lock at 7:35pm.  Space is available for 25 participants and ends at 9:30pm though the studio will remain open till 10pm to give participants time to re-adjust prior to driving home.

To secure your attendance, we recommend you purchase tickets in advance at $35, through April 24th. Starting April 25th (and at the door, if there is space) ticket prices will be $45 +tax.

Please wear layered comfortable clothing and avoid wearing any fragrances. Any questions, please contact Shandiwolfeweaver@gmail.com or 208-610-8428.

Pre-registration via Paypal or check for ($35+tax)=$38.36. Payable to The Center for Movement & Healing. Mail to: J.Pagano 3714 sw 110th st, Seattle WA 98146

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend you can transfer your ticket to another individual to attend the event. No cash refunds except for immediate emergencies.





Nia Movement Learning Immersion w/ Britta von Tagen “Return of the Dragon” Dance. Feb. 6 & 7th.

Join Nia Faculty Trainer Britta von Tagen in a movement learning immersion of her dance “Return of the Dragon”. Over these two days you’ll get an immersion into the music, movement and magic of this wonderfully mystical and meaningful dance. $85 includes both days from 11:30am -2:30pm

  • Questions about the content of the weekend, please email Brittav@nianow.com.
    Questions about location and studio questions, email jill@centermoveheal.com
  • Space is limited. Advanced payment is strongly suggested.


Britta Feb workshop 2016

Master Class w/ Britta von Tagen, Nia Trainer, Jan. 16th 10-11:30am–SOLD OUT!

This class is currently sold out w/ 25 people. If you would like to be on the wait list, please email jill@centermoveheal.com. We will happily call you if we have a cancellation. Thank you to those who pre-registered. We look forward to a wonderful event!

Britta will be returning February 6th & 7th to teach a movement immersion on the Return of the Dragon dance. You can find more information and registration here. This event is open to students and Nia teachers.


Saturday, January 16th Nia Trainer Britta von Tagen will be at The Center for Movement & Healing sharing her latest routine “Return of the Dragon”.  Come join Britta and the Nia community in this deeply meaningful body of work. Space is limited and you will need to reserve your spot by emailing jill@centermoveheal.com or call 206-999-1743.  $25 plus tax. No class cards for this class.
PS) if you reserve your spot and then are unable to come, please inform Jill Pagano at Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com so someone else may take your spot.


brittas Jan class 2016

Unravelling: Letting Go–Getting Well, Movement classes w/ Jill start Jan. 7th

I continue exploring, within a movement practice, with a special 8-week sensation-based class called Unravelling. Many of you have taken my floorplay class “BodySense” and this class will have a similar flavor. For our 8 week series, I’ll be taking lessons from the brilliant book: Unravelling, Letting Go–Getting Well, by Philip Greenfield, a UK bodyworker, martial artist and Zero Balancing practitioner.

This book was recommended by my Anatomy in Motin (AiM) mentor Gary Ward and I truly cherish the fresh perspective it has shared with me. One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

” If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”…

And so I invite you to step into a place of Unravelling by letting go and getting well and by not always doing what we’ve always done. Let’s explore!

Other topics in the book which we may explore include:
* Aids to Unravelling: Bringing attention to the body, mind, emotions.
* Obstacles to Unravelling: Secrets, Lies and Unspoken Truths
* More Aids to Unravelling: Space, Balance,Change, Rhythms, Wonder, Faith, Truth telling, Surrender…

Unravelling Class is Thursday’s at 10am and Saturday at 9am starting January 7th through February 25th. 60 Minutes.

**NO Unravelling on Saturday, January 16th due to special event.

PS) you can drop-in to ANY class, they are stand alone practices.

(okay–for those of you left with the impending questions–so what are we going to DO?…we will MOVE every class for nearly the entire hour. We will play on the floor as well as move and dance upright with music around us. You will be guided into your own personal somatic movement practice and exploration –no choreography to follow. My hope is that we become more free, nimble and flexible—not only in our bodies but also in our lives.  Keep in mind—I’m unravelling too and it’s new to me too.
With love,

Jill P.

Joyful Fitness, An Introduction to Nia (FREE), 4th Sunday of each month.

What if your path to fitness felt enjoyable? What if you could embark on the road to wellness by enjoying your body as it is right now? With Nia, you can do all of this in a fun, hour-long workout that flies by and leaves you feeling energized!

Join The Center for Movement & Healing’s certified Nia Instructors Ann Nicolaysen, Laurana Walsh and Melanie McFarland for Joyful Fitness, an Introduction to Nia on the 4th Sunday of the each month at 9am. This class is a sampling of the benefits offered by Nia, a non-impact,  joyful workout that is so much more.  Nia is great for anyone seeking a better relationship with their body, regardless of fitness level, age, size or movement ability. New to Nia? This 45-minute class is designed just for you! You’ll dance Nia’s simple choreography to music that makes you want to move, in a class designed for absolute beginners. You’ll leave feeling more flexible, balanced and exhilarated–not exhausted.

Has it been a while since you’ve “exercised” or conditioned your body? Then this supportive, welcoming class may be just what you’ve been looking for. No prior experience is necessary, and all shapes and sizes are welcome. Simply wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, and be ready to have a great time!

Joyful Fitness, An Introduction to Nia is on the 4th Sunday of the month starting January 24th at 9am-9:45am. And it is FREE!

New Year’s Celebration Class–Friday Jan 1st 10-11:30am

SPECIAL NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION w/ Ann, Jill, Mel and Laurana

Friday, January 1st from 10:00-11:30am.

Join Jill, Mel, Ann and Laurana and honor the closing of 2015 and the opening of 2016. This special class includes settling in and unwinding with 30-minutes of somatic, movement meditation w/ Jill (10-10:30am). Then crank up the celebration with a Nia Jam from 10:30-11:30am w/ Ann, Laurana and Mel. We look forward to sharing in this auspicious morning with you! Class starts at 10am, Nia class begins at 10:30. You can arrive at either time, $20 (tax is included). No class cards for this special event.

*Friday, 9:30am Class w/ Derik returns on January 8th.

Super Saturday’s with Jill– Becoming Embodied!

After a three-month hiatus, CMH Founding Director, Jill Pagano will return to teaching on Saturday mornings. She begins with a Super Saturday class from 9-11am on Saturday, October 3rd which includes a post-class (11am) get together of snacks and conversation. Here Jill will discuss what her summer was like, what she’s learned, her plans for the future and discuss more about her “newly-created-still in development program/book”– (with the working title of: The Embodiment Process.)

Join Jill for Super Saturday, from 9-11am on Saturday’s

Fall Schedule:

Oct 17-Nov 14th, 2015 Special Class Series Begins: The Embodiment Process (working title)–For the next 4 Saturday’s, you  get an introduction to Jill’s “still-in-development” program.

Class format for these Saturday’s:

  • 9-10am: Mini-playshop includes: short discussion, experiences, and exercises based on Jill’s The Embodiment Process.
  • 10-11am: Nia Class (non-classic) w/ Jill. Each class will have a Focus based on topic of week.


Week 1, Oct 17:

  • 9am-Embodiment Process: What is Body Disconnect? Do you have it? What’s the difference between Awareness, Sensation and Witnessing for more body connection.
  • 10am-Nia class (non-classic): Focus- Awareness, Sensation, and Witnessing for more body connection.

Week 2, Oct 24:

  • 9am-Embodiment Process: What’s your Body Story (her-story)? Looking at our history and stories we tell ourselves and their effect on our body connection.
  • 10am-Nia Class (non-classic): Focus- Our Body’s Sensation of Possibility and Potential for more body connection.

Week 3, Oct 31: Halloween!

  • 9am-BMES (Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit) What realm do you live in? Is it beneficial? Is this a valuable tendency?
  • 10am- Nia Class (non-classic): Focus- Experiencing our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spirit Realms for more understanding.

Week 4, Nov 7:

  • 9am- Are you in a “Body Fog”?–What is a Body Fog? How thick is mine? Would it benefit me to be more clear?
  • 10am- Nia Class (non-classic): Focus- Opening to sensation for clarity and body knowingness.

Nov 14: Anatomy in Motion Introduction

  • 9am- Intro to Anatomy in Motion Introduction- Jill leaves on Sunday for her 7-day training in Toronto w/ Gary Ward, “Finding Centre”. Get a taste of what is “Anatomy in Motion”.
  • 10am- Nia Class (non-classic): Focus: Anatomy in Motion- Exploring planes of motion in order to Discover Centre.

Jill will be teaching on Saturday’s through the end of 2015. We anticipate the T/Th 9:45am Nia class to continue  with Laurana Walsh.

All classes are $18.50 drop in fee or 5 class pass for $82.50 or included in the Unlimited with Jill Monthly Membership.

Questions? Email Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com



Yoga and Sacred Adventures in Bali w/ Kat Allen

Join The Center for Movement & Healing’s yoga instructor, Kat Allen in Bali! $300 off when you register before Sept. 30, 2015!! Contact Kat@fouraims.com

kat bali

MELT Method returns to Sandpoint Idaho, Oct 9th & 10th

Personal Trainer and MELT Instructor  Jill Pagano will be returning to Sandpoint Idaho (her home town) to share more of the MELT Method.

There are three offerings: 1) MELT refresher –for those who have taken with Jill. 2) MELT for beginners and 3) a new offering called MELT & Move.

Online Registration is coming, but for now here is the info. If you want to register NOW as space is limited. Email: kathyrchambers@gmail.com.

Stop Suffering and Feel Better with MELT w/ Jill Pagano, C-PT and MELT instructor

Learn this simple and effective self-treatment technique that can help you decrease pain and move with more ease.The MELT Method reduces the effect of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living and repetitive movement (or lack of moving, like sitting). Using specialized foam rollers, balls and MELT techniques, you can rehydrates your connective tissue, rebalance your nervous system and restores space to compressed joints—in as little as 10-20 minutes a day. Simple!

Intro & Refresher MELT:

  • Fri, Oct. 9, 5:30 -7:00pm—MELT Refresher.
  • Sat, Oct. 10, 10:30am –Noon—MELT for Beginners

A 90-minute MELT class to experience the MELT basics and their effect using the soft body roller + balls.

*both of these classes are appropriate for those new who want to experience MELT. The refresher moves at a slightly quicker pace.

NEW Class! MELT & Move –Saturday, Oct. 10, 4:00pm-5:30pm

MELT & Move combines the MELT Hand & Foot Treatment with simple moves & stretches for a whole body treatment. We’ll review fascial lines and how you can access them for greater effectiveness. You’ll feel elongated, stretched out and more fluid without even coming to the floor (or using the roller)!

Private Sessions w/ Jill (single $70/hr; duet $95/hr)

  • Friday @3 :30pm or Saturday @ 12 :30 and 2 :00pm

 Space is limited. Reservations necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Sessions are at Xhale Pilates Sandpoint, ID

  • $30 per 90-minute classes or all three classes $75 cash/check payable to: Jill Pagano or online credit card payment w/ online registration.
  • Equipment provided for class.
  • Equipment can be purchased at a discount (optional)

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

MELT Oct_15_Sandpoint V2

New Prenatal/Beginning Bellydance on Thursdays

32125432-Dazey_091207_0016Learn bellydance basics and be empowered in your body, mind and spirit!

In my prenatal/beginning bellydance series, women learn and practice basic dance movements that ease discomfort during pregnancy and birth, that can help move a birth through its challenges, and that help mamas regain core strength during postnatal days. This workshop draws on movements which originate from tribal, folk and sacred dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Come experience the joy, camaraderie and wisdom of other women on the same path. Relax, unwind and discover more tools for your pregnancy and life.

Class wear is the same as for yoga class. Feel free to bring a fancy scarf or sash for those hot mama hips! Don’t hesitate to bring water and snacks.

Session Dates: Sep 3, 10, 17, and 24. Oct 1, 8. 5:30 to 6:30pm.
The class rate is: $90 session; $20 drop-in