Beg/Int. Hip Hop Class w/ Erin–Tues 3/14 at Noon

Hey Seattle Friends! Are you looking for a fun way to work your sexy bod? My Dance Classes are starting up again in March… Want to join us?

This is an Adult Beginning – Intermediate level Hip Hop / Funk Dance class.

=>> Great warm – up
=>> Across the floor skillz
=>> Fun Dance combos
=>> High Vibe Music
=>> Sweating, laughter and good times

March 14th – April 18th
Tuesdays Noon-1pm
The Center for Movement & Healing –
7901 35th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126

Pre-Registration is required. You can purchase your 6 class card here =>>

Must have “indoor only” shoes to participate.

Looking forward to DANCING with YOU and getting our sweat on!!!

xx Erin

PS – Please share this on your wall so others can join us too!


New Class: Pilates With Liz

Liz Dilley - Pilates with LizHappy New Year! Starting Monday, January 9th at 5:15 PM, classical Pilates instructor Liz Dilley (, will begin an ongoing weekly Pilates Mat class. Join her for a 55 minute class with an emphasis on alignment, safety and repatterining. This is a fundamentals class that challenges everyone from the seasoned mover to the new discoverer. We will focus on the Pilates fundamentals: Breath, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow and Precision.

Pilates is a beautiful way to alleviate pain from musculature imbalances in the body while strengthening and lengthening. Working the mind body connection is a proven way to not only improve brain functionality and sharpen the mind, but also, similar to mediation, improve mood, memory and relieve stress. One of Liz’s constant goals while teaching is for her clients to leave her feeling longer, stronger, more balanced and hopefully in a lighter mood.

Liz Dilley grew up on Vashon Island, and danced in London, New York and Seattle. Most recently she was living in the five burrows of New York City, where she received her full Pilates Certification from Core Pilates NYC, a school based in Romana Kryzanowska teachings. She was in New York for 12 years pursuing a performing career. First as a contemporary dancer and then as an actor. She found Pilates while healing from a shoulder injury. Pilates did more for her than any other form of movement. She found her dancing was stronger and more supported when working with Pilates. Like many others Pilates has not only changed her dancing, but also her day to day life and how she feels in the world. She has been teaching Pilates since 2013.

Liz is very excited to be a part of the collection of dedicated teachers at the Center For Movement And Healing and is looking forward to meeting more of the wonderful clientele.

See more about Pilates With Liz on the Class Schedule.

Soul Motion is coming to The Center for Movement and Healing!

Soul Motion Mindful Movement offers a 75 minute opportunity to dive, float, swirl, ground and delight with emphasis on the inner landscape of dance. We begin and close each class with stillness.

Soul Motion practice offers exploration into the platforms of Pause Presence, Orbit Orientation and Echo Inspiration. Curious? That is all you need.

Mollia brings years of dance practice to her guidance as a Soul Motion teacher. Her roots in form and curiosity of the greater world around her bring a dance experience that includes everyone. Mollia has been teaching weekly movement classes since 2010 and currently works with dancers living with traumatic brain injury and dementia.

Soul Motion Mindful Movement
Spring and Summer Series

2nd and 4th Sundays from 4/26 to 8/23
7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

$15 drop In
$40 for three classes
$110 for entire series (9 classes)


Upcoming class: Meditation for Beginners: Peace in Every Step

Meditation for Beginners: Peace in Every StepJeffrey Morrison
5/5-6/9, 2015
7:30-8:30 pm
Beginners Special: 6 classes for $100

What is on your life to-do list? Finally make that job change? Find more time to relax? Get over that relationship? Meditation can be a gentle first step toward connecting with your true self, healing old wounds and making choices that are truly right for you.

In this beginners meditation class, Jeffrey Morrison, MA, LHMC will introduce the practice of meditation as a sacred form of self care and path to personal fulfillment. Jeffrey’s somatic awareness approach will guide you into a deeper, more compassionate relationship with yourself. You will learn to sense and appreciate your whole being and recognize your own needs.

Jeffrey Morrison is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Focusing-Oriented therapist, Focusing trainer and meditation teacher based in West Seattle. Jeffrey has dedicated his therapeutic career to helping others heal inner wounds and flourish using the simple tools of meditation and somatic awareness. Specifically, Jeffrey bases his work on Focusing, a profound self-connection skill that helps people regain trust in the wisdom of their bodies.

This class is just a beginning! It illuminates a practice that leads to sustained physical ease, energetic replenishment, trust in your own intuitions, inner contentment and ultimately, peace in every step.

Registration is required.

Payment options:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

Sunday Nia w/ Sommer starts Sept. 7th!

Welcome Sommer Joy Albertsen to The Center for Movement & Healing!

After having a few summer Sunday’s without Nia, we are thrilled that Sommer is joining in The Center for Movement & Healing tribe! A dedicated Nia lover and Life Brilliance coach, Sommer is traveling from Whidbey Island to develop her Seattle business and play with anticipation of becoming a Seattle resident.  A Nia Brown Belt, Sommer comes with experience in dance, healing and wellness coaching. Her classes are a burst of vibrant energy where celebration and love are key!

Sommer’s classes begin Sept. 7th at 10am and will include two Sundays of collaborating with Nia Faculty Trainer Jill Pagano during the two White Belt Intensive weekends (classes open to the public). Please check the Schedule for specific dates.

Sommer will offer a discount class pass and drop-in rate is $17 + tax.

Welcome Sommer!

Pilates w/ Derik on Fridays @ 9:30am

 Ongoing Pilates Mat class–Fridays 9:30am in March and April

Please join our newest addition: Derik Kleinhesselink brings his Pilates Mat class to The Center for Movement & Healing on Friday’s at 9:30am. (No class on Friday, April 4th)

Joseph Pilates’ philosophy was that the “whole” must be exercised to achieve good health.

Pilates can

  • Relieve back pain
  • Create a strong stable core
  • Lean and lengthen your muscles and spine

Ongoing Pilates Mat class is on Fridays @9:30am (except for Friday, April 4th)

Credit cards & checks accepted. Drop in $17, class pass available.

Contact Derik for registration/information at: Derik Kleinhesselink: Email- or call  206-920-4314

Seattle Improv- More fun than should be legal!

Those are the words from Seattle Improv-Alive founder Julian Schrenzel as he gets ready to kickoff the Community Improv classes at The Center for Movement & Healing every other Wednesday 7:45pm- 9:15pm starting February 5th.

Julian found The Center for Movement & Healing by way of a Nia teacher, Gayle Holeton, in Leavenworth. Julian and his wife were moving from north Seattle, where the meetup is currently located, to West Seattle. They were thrilled to find a West Seattle home base at The Center. We are thrilled to have his community’s lightness of spirit and healing through laughter at CM&H.IMG_8864 - The Laugh - color

Can you possibly think of a better way to spend an hour and a half of a Wednesday evening than engaging in some improvisational shenanigans?? Me neither! Join the Seattle Improvisation Community – Improv for Non-Performers for an EPIC evening! $15 for a 90-minute exploration with a community of like-minded explorers. You only live once..             ~Julian Schrenzel, Impro-Alive

About the Seattle Improv-Alive Community Meetup: 

Seattle Improvisation Community Meetups enable you, no matter what your experience, to discover the value that practicing improvisational games on a regular basis can bring to your work-life, family-life and relationships.  Improvisational play is a highly effective way to practice being in the moment, communicating with honesty, thinking on your feet and approaching life with confidence. Gain valuable skills through improvisational play. Most importantly, join us and HAVE FUN!
If you want to: be more confident in meetings, more fearless in personal situations, become a master communicator and a collaborative leader at work, with your family and in your community.
If you like: movement, dance, comedy, improvisation, exploration and having fun.

Julian Schrenzel is a professional teacher, organizational trainer & actor, and offers private instruction and group sessions in public speaking/group presentation. Feel free to learn more about him at or contact him directly at

Details at:

Contact Julian Schrenzel – –206-437-9455.

flyer- improv

Yoga, Grown Up! with Kat Allen

The moment I stepped into the studio at The Center of Movement & Healing, I was so excited to think I had found my new yoga home.  Over many years, I’ve had the privilege of being able to create a number of spaces (including two of my own yoga studios in Columbia City/Seward Park) in which to do centering, moving and healing, so I really appreciate the beautiful energy of CMH.  Recently, the urge has become overwhelming for me to get back out into the community to teach more, having been tucked away, somewhat isolated, in my psychotherapy and yoga therapy practice for a decade now.  What I’m looking forward to at CMH is not only giving my longtime students a chance to be back at a “real” studio, but to feel more connected to the dance/movement community.
kat allen
My own roots are deeply  grounded in dance, another reason why I am so excited to join CMH.  From 12 years of classical ballet training, to a B.A. in Dance from the University of Washington (1981), to theatre choreographer and performer, to company member in Shirley Jenkins’ modern dance company Strong Wind Wild Horses, dance and music were always the healing paths I found to survive unstable and unsafe formative years.  In the late seventies I discovered yoga, then committed to the yogic path in my late-20’s, with my earliest training grounded in a combo of Sivananda Yoga (certified in 1989), with its emphasis on a complete yogic lifestyle (including meditation, diet, cleansing regimens, and devotional practice) and in-depth Iyengar training.  I completed that certification in 1992 under the tutelage of Felicity Green, after a 3 year process (that’s 3 years, not 3 days–and the Viniyoga certification took that amount of time, as well).  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was to be drawn into two more branches of the amazing yoga lineage of satguru T. Krishnamacarya, and I sought intensive trainings in India with K Pattabhi Jois of Ashtanga Vinyasa, TVK Desikachar, and his student, Gary Kraftsow.  This lineage importantly emphasizes pranayama, meditation, and the study and chanting of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the foundational text of classical yoga.  Important for me, because I needed a lot of help with the manomayakosha, or mental-emotional sheath, due to what we now refer to as Complex Trauma.   In my case, there were multiple sources of trauma over many years, including the catastrophic loss of 4 of my family members and my entire way of life, when I’d just turned 18.  Hey! Welcome to the adult world!What I know is this: our tragedies truly can be transformed into blessings, and I’m here as proof.  But it does take real dedication to the cause.  And a lot of compassion.  I feel such gratitude for all the teachings and to my teachers, including many brilliant American teachers, as I truly wonder if I’d have made it without my first healing path of yoga.  As a psychotherapist, I am deeply indebted to the mindfulness practices, the felt-sense of the body that yoga teaches, and the non-dogmatic approach to spirituality that I can share with my clients, both individuals and in couples work.  After years of PTS symptoms, my greatest joy is sharing what I have finally been able to perfect, and what Krishnamacarya is quoted as saying is the most difficult yoga pose of all: Standing on one’s own two feet.
Please join us, a lovely group of like-minded seekers, as we support one another on this incredible journey! Here’s to yoga, movement, the Emotional Body, mindfulness, the breath…and all the teachers and gurus who have enlightened the path with their luminosity and love.  Om Shantih.
Yoga Grown up! with Kat Allen
 Elegant sequencing, individual and creative modifications, and joyful connection to Source are highlights of Kat’s teaching.  Move energy and deepen your spiritual journey as we cycle monthly through the limbs and tools of yoga: breath practice, flowing and held postures, conditioning and balancing sequences, meditation, chanting, inversions,  restoratives, and spiritual inquiry.  This all-levels class is both challenging and nourishing, great for those interested in refining their practice, and suitable for beginners who feel comfortable in their bodies.
Tuesdays, 5:45-7:15 pm
Fall Schedule runs through Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Drop-ins welcome: $20, $75 for 4, or save $10 with $140 for 8.Payment options include cash, check and PayPal.
Kat Allen can be reached at 206-650-7449 or email
For more info on my therapy practice, please visit:


Spring Schedule Shifts by Adding 4 Contribution-based Classes

The Center for Movement & Healing is growing and adding a  few spring classes.

Teacher Shifts and More Classes!   7595022796_25c2793f0a

What’s shifting? April 8th -June 30th (2nd quarter)

  • *Monday at 6:30pm, Beginning Nia- Emily, Jill, Jeanna and Mel (in order of week) will be rotating on Monday nights, a class suitable for beginners and open to every body. Starts April 8th
  •  Wednesday 6:30pm–  Jill will be teaching (starts April 3rd, membership/drop-in).
  • *Thursday 6:30am–(new early morning) New class with Vina, starts April 11th
  • *Sundays 8:30am (new class!)–  Mama Nia with Vina at 8:30am starting April 14th. Join Vina in a class for Mamas. Take a recharge for the week ahead and take a break from  parenting those cherubs and bond with other Mamas. Lead by Mama Vina.  (non-Mama’s can attend, of course)
  • *Sundays 10am (new teacher)- Slowdance Nia with Jillie and Mel, rotating each week.

*= Contribution payment method for these classes Suggested donation ($10-20)…cash preferred. No Credit Cards accepted.

Why contribution-based?

  • To attract and invite more people who need variable pricing to attend.
  • To simplify adding new teachers and classes without overhauling the membership/accounting system
  • To give contribution-based classes a trial run.

Other Details/Questions:

  • Suggested contribution $10-$20. Your teachers and studio split the monies collected after each class.
  • Can those who have 3-month members attend? Yes, do! Though realize the teacher does not receive payment from monthly J-Pass memberships. Monthly J-Pass memberships are the heart of The Center for Movement & Healings revenue and currently go, in their entirety, toward rent, improvements, and operating costs.
  • Can I use a class from my class pass? Yes, in a pinch when you want to offer payment but don’t have cash or check handy.
  • Can I use credit card? No. The fees are high and it complicates accounting.
  • I have more questions, who do I contact: or 206-999-1743

What’s Not Shifting:

These classes are on the” J-Pass” (with Jill) paid by : membership, class card, drop-in based.

  • Monday 9:30am BodySense with  Jill
  • Tue/Thu 9:45am Nia with Jill
  • Wednesday 6:30pm Nia with Jill
  • Saturday 8:30am BodySense with Jill
  • Saturday 10am Nia with Jill

New to the Studio– Sunday at Noon, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement with Erik LaSeur.

  •  Sunday, Noon Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes with Erik LaSeur starting April 7th. Details and pricing here. The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais is one of the 9 movement forms of Nia. It is an excellent way to slow down, self-heal and integrate your entire body and nervous system. Feldenkrais is based on sensation~ and magical!

Yoga for our Times with Marybeth Spector starts Feb. 6

Please Welcome Marybeth Spector to The Center for Movement & Healing. Marybeth will be teaching Yoga For Our Times — Yoga as it was meant to be on Wed/Fridays 9:30-10:45am! (No Yoga on Friday, Feb. 15th or Feb. 22 due to the White Belt Intensive)  These classes are created to reduce stress, improve flexibility and build strength. Learn ways to de-stress any time, any place.

Marybeth Spector, Viniyoga teacher and clothing designer.

Come breathe, stretch and relax with Marybeth Wed. and Fri. 9:30 to 10:45am.  Never more than 12 in a class.

  • One month unlimited    $88.00
  • Five class card (3 mo.)   $60.00
  • Drop-in                              $15.00

Payments made on-site with cash, check or credit/debit card.

Welcome Marybeth!