Get CPR Trained–or renewed –Saturday, June 10th from 4:30-7:30pm

Learn to save a life!

Join Marc Lainhart, from CPR Services Northwest, for a 3 hour CPR certification course on June 10th from 4:30-7:30pm.  The course is the HeartSaver +AED course. You can sign up online his web site at: Please choosing the ‘Heartsaver AED’ course at $55 per student. Marc will know you are choosing the course for June 10th at The Center for Movement & Healing. You can also email mark at and make arrangements to pay at the start of the course.


CenterMoveHeal: Create Happier Feet w/ Jill, Video #2

Hi Gang,
Your starting to get an idea how much I love feet–and also how important they are to feeling good and ready to move forward in life. Feet that are immobile can create real pain elsewhere in the body. They also can diminish your ability to walk up and down steps, to push yourself into a tall SUV or quickly get across a busy street or catch your balance. In fact, as we age, movements we took for granted slowly become a little “harder” or “awkward”. Getting your feet to be nimble and more grounded is one quick and simple way to stay agile and youthful. We all know “if your feet hurt–you hurt”.

Here’s my latest video snippet walking you through one way to keep your feet happier–move them! Do “the accordion, the wave (or banana) and “wring the rag” for healthier and happier feet. Want more tips? Go to subscribe to our newsletter. Or check out Jill on Facebook @ Jill Pagano or CenterMoveHeal.

CenterMoveHeal: Happier Feet with Jill, Video #1

Many of you know I’m obsessed with having happy feet. After decades of beating up my feet with high impact exercise, I learned the hard way that feet can not (and should not) be ignored. I’ve been on quite the exploration learning about my feet, feet in general and how to help them heal. It’s recently come to my attention that I am not the only one who needs a little help with having healthier feet. So here I am beginning to share the tools and tips that I find along the way to have happier feet. If your interested in learning more with me I invite you to do three things 1) like our facebook page The Center for Movement & Healing (that’s where I’ll keep posting) 2) find me on facebook (jillpagano) and 3) sign up for our newsletter so I can invite you to attend my upcoming workshop on Getting Happy Feet. Till then…give your feet some LOVE!


YES! New Years Day 10am Nia Jam/Class is ON–Celebrate with Us!

Even with the early morning snow both Melanie and Jill will be teaching today in the 10am New Year’s Jam. Step in to the new year–in your body and in community!

12/3: Jill’s Saturday Class back at 9am (updated on 11/29)

Jill’s Saturday Somatic Movement Mediation class has moved BACK to 9-10:15am. Sorry for the hiccup.


Class was really a big breakthrough for me.  I was doing things I haven’t done since I was a kid – not because I can’t, but because we are socialized not to.  It was so freeing!  I realized that I love to dance! (without judgment). I am so grateful for the open, welcoming, and fun morning of movement and meaning.     ~ Jim B.
If you feel like you’ve lost connection to your body, how to move or want to move like a kid again–this welcoming experience is for you–all of you!

Throughout class we are exploring and experiencing Jill’s Four Pillars of Embodiment: Awareness, Sensation, Choice and Relationship.

Drawing of decades of somatic training including: Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and Nia,  Jill brings a one-of-a-kind experience and opportunity to drop inward and condition your body through movement meditation and expressive dance. You’ll spend an insightful and rejuvenating hour in your body, with the music and in community. The class starts on the floor and builds to an upright dance celebration.

Class feels like a mix of joyful meditation, yoga, tai chi, and conscious dance–all designed to be playful and meaningful.  Each week we’ll have a focus for our movement meditation that will bring us to a deeper relationship with our body and our self. You’ll stretch, strengthen and yes, gain cardiovascular conditioning too!

This class is valuable for all levels of conditioning and stages of healing because you are choosing how to express the focus of class through natural movements. Jill provides a safety net of guidance so you’ll have a sense of what to do…without being told “how to exercise”. Jill directly participates and facilitates the experience with her poetic language and cueing which invites you to move your way, in your time.

Our playground is spontaneity, freedom, expressiveness, and individuality. Class is designed barefoot but thin, soft shoes are welcome.

$18.50 drop in (tax added)

5-class pass $82.50

Cash, check, debit/credit.

Pain-Free 2017–MELT Intro Class Wed. January 11th w/ Jill

Wednesday, January 11th Intro to the MELT Method with trainer and MELT instructor, Jill Pagano.

Join Jill and get first-hand experience and see if MELT is for you. Jill has been MELTing for over four years and it serves as her “go-to” treatment to help decrease pain, increase mobility and serve as hands-off bodywork–a little every day, helps her pain go away!

Email to hold your spot.




Dec. 10th: Join Britta von Tagen for Your Body’s Way Playshop

Nia Trainer Britta von Tagen returns to The Center for Movement & Healing to share a master class and her workshop focusing on Your Body’s Way. In the workshop you’ll learn to dance your own dance (your body’s way) amidst choreography. You’ll get to practice delicately listening to your body while also listening to your teacher. Your Body’s Way playshop is valuable whether you are a Nia teacher or Nia student and especially good if you are new to Nia.

December 10th:
Master Class from 10-11:15– $20
Playshop from 11:15-1:15pm–$30

Early registration for both: $50

Three Options for Dec. 10th, 2016
Options for Dec. 10th, 2016


Oct. 22: Introduction to MELT–Feel Better Now!

On Saturday, October 22nd from 11:30-1:00pm, join Certified Personal Trainer and Founding Director, Jill Pagano, and learn how to feel better now with the MELT Method.

This introductory class is perfect for those 1) looking for a way to help themselves out of aches and pains and 2) have heard about MELT and want to see what the method feels like to their body. And of course, this event is open to those of you who know and love MELT. In this  90-minute class we’ll go over a very brief description of MELT and how it helps you feel better. Most of the class time is spent MELTing! Your hands, feet, spine and neck will all get to receive the benefits of a whole body self-treatment technique. You’ll feel like you just gave yourself a massage.

Registration is very helpful as we only have a certain number of rollers/equipment for participants. Bring water and wear snug fitting, comfortable clothing (loose clothing tends to get wrapped around the roller).

Register and pay here.

If you pay and are unable to attend you can 1) send someone in  your place 2) get a credit towards Jill’s classes or 3) use  your credit toward MELT equipment (books/dvd/balls/roller)




NiaSeattle Jam Oct. 24th at Mt. Baker Community Club

Please Join Jill and Gang at the NiaSeattle Fall Jam from 12-1:30 at the Mount Baker Community Clubhouse. This event supports NiaSeattle and will also support a scholarship fund for Nia teachers continuing education.

Thirteen different teachers from the entire Puget sound (and North–and South) will be leading songs to a packed house. If you think Nia is fun with our group of 10 peeps—wait till you dance in a big group of 40!

We will be having class from 9-11am at The Center for Movement & Healing and then making our way to Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse. Carpool anyone? – where you can save $5 on your Jam ticket!

NiaSeattle Spring Jam Flyer

Blast Classes for Every Body w/ Visiting Trainer Britta von Tagen– June 19-23rd

britta in orange aloneThe Center for Movement & Healing is thrilled to be hosting a Nia Green Belt Training June 19-23rd with visiting Nia Faculty Trainer, Britta von Tagen. The Green Belt training is a 5-day training open to those who have taken their Nia White Belt Intensive. The Green Belt focuses on mastering the art of teaching Nia.

Throughout the training there are Blast Classes open to EVERY BODY!! These classes, taught by Britta von Tagen, will be fun, high energy and a blast for the entire community.  You are invited–whether you are brand new to Nia or have a Nia practice. Come, sweat, smile and be in commUnity!

Blast Classes open to the public are:

Friday, June 19th at 7:30am & 6:30pm

Saturday, June 20th at 10:00am & 6:30pm

Sunday, June 21st at 10:00am (only)

Monday, June 22nd at 9:45am and 6:30pm

Tuesday, June 9:45am (only)

Blast classes are $20 (tax is included). Due to having a visiting teacher, 5-class passes or any special or discounted offers are not eligible.