Jill Pagano, CPT | Founding Director & Movement Educator

Jill Pagano is dedicated to helping people feel better via “integrated conditioning” — blending the science of the body, conscious movement & self-care. Integrated conditioning helps people remove pain, increase athletic performance and optimize everyday wellness.


jill Pagano_CroppedJill’s accumulated decades of experience in fitness and wellness (group exercise, post-rehab personal training and somatic movement) are shared across three areas: A Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM), a Movement Educator (AiM, Anatomy in Motion) and MELT Method (R) Instructor sharing Hands Off Bodywork (R).

Comfortable presenting and teaching to large groups or small individualized sessions, Jill combines her in-depth experience with contagious delight for the human body and an authentic compassionate communication-style.

Founding Director, The Center for Movement & Healing

January 2013 – Present, West Seattle WA

The Center for Movement & Healing invites people to Center.Move and Heal. The Center is a collaborative facility where professional movement and healing instructors come together to share their talents and teach classes, workshops, and trainings. Jill Pagano’s vision has been two-fold 1) to create a community for the public to find the very best in movement education and healing modalities under one roof and 2) to create a place where she and other professional teachers can thrive while growing their business and sharing their talents.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) & Movement Educator

The Center for Movement & Healing, West Seattle (Jan 2013-present)

As a Personal Trainer and Movement Educator, Jill works with students and clients (privately and via classes) by communicating and teaching how to create conditioning, healing and better function through three areas of study:  1) the form and function of the body’s design, 2) how to increase their awareness to develop body knowledge 3) how sensation, movement patterning and anatomy create the foundation for whole body movement.

Melt Method(R) Instructor

June 2013 –  Seattle WA

The Melt Method is a technique to decrease pain and improve wellbeing via Hands-off Bodywork. The MELT Method strategically optimizes the state of the body’s connective tissue (fascia) while rebalancing the nervous system. By optimizing these two systems, those who regularly MELT report less pain and fatigue, increase range of motion and ease of movement while also “feeling much better” in their daily life. Jill Pagano teaches the MELT Method to those in pain who want to feel better in less than 20 minutes a day. She shares the MELT Method via private training sessions and small group classes.

Nia Faculty White Belt Trainer,

August 2011 – October, 2015,  Seattle WA

As a Nia Faculty Trainer, Jill facilitated the Nia White Belt intensive, a 7-day movement educational course designed to improve people’s experience in their body.

Nia Technique, Black Belt Instructor


Jill spent nearly 20 years studying and teaching classes in the  Nia Technique, is an integrated fitness-based movement class that incorporates the science of the body with the art of consciousness and self-care.