Jill’s Philosophy

Here’s what I really think about becoming more fit, the fitness industry, and how somatic movment (being more conscious of how you move) turned fitness on “its deaf ear”.

We seem to think “working out” is the holy grail.  Running means I’m healthy, pushing it means I’ve got willpower and pain in my body is a good thing.

Working Out is a lot of c@#!

I’m here to tell you, that rhetoric is a load of c*#p  fed to you by an industry that wants you to buy more memberships you won’t use, equipment that becomes a clothing rack and diet books that taste better than the food they force on you/create/recommend.

The “If only I could….” Trap

If only I could learn to love working out.

If only I could force myself to the gym.

If only I could_______________ (fill in the blank), then I could be healthier, happier and more at peace.

Yes, and if I had a nickel for every workout pledge people make and don’t stick with I’d be a millionaire…oh wait…there is an entire industry built on failed promises and missed dreams.

I’m fired up!

I’m fired up because today 1/3 of our country is obese. I’m fired up because people are convinced they aren’t in good enough shape to go to an exercise class.

I’m fired up because people are so convinced they have to “work” to work out that they’ve given up, feel disappointed with themselves,  and beat themselves up only to live in more discomfort and die too young.

And lastly I’m fired up that traditional fitness continues to leave behind people, millions and millions of people, who make the effort to start an exercise program and give up because “working out” doesn’t work for them.  Isn’t there another way?

Why choose to  “work out” you’re already working harder than ever.

And is it any surprise people give up on “working out”? On average the American population is working more hours per week than ever before. Many with more than one job. As an industrialized country, we rank among the lowest for being awarded vacation days and when we have them we don’t take them.  We are so busy working (whether we are getting paid or not) we can’t even consider “working out”, even though we know it’s good for us.

There is no work in true wellness

I’m hear to tell you there is no work in true wellness. That’s right. Work brings us images of drudgery. Of pain and dissatisfaction. Does that sound like sustainable wellness to you? In fact, put the body in a situation where it is working under stressful, negative conditions and you are soaking your cells in battery acid.  Put your body in a pleasure –filled  situation and your soaking your cells in peach juice. Which sounds more appealing?

Your body was designed to move.

And moving your body shouldn’t feel like painful work.

That’s right your body was designed to move. Move in ways that you enjoy. In ways that feel good and at a speed that suits you. Your body was designed to explore and move in lots of creative ways that aren’t boring or repetitive. And when you give your body what it was designed to do it naturally gets more fit.

Feel better instantly. Not in 6 weeks.

When you move the way your body was designed (The Body’s Way), you’ll feel better instantly…not after 6 weeks, not after you lose 30 pounds, not because your trainer told you so. Your body feels alive, vibrant and awake and so does the rest of you.

And when your body feels awake and alive, you treat it better. You love it more, feed it better and keep coming back to class to continue to manifest all those great feelings. And you’ll learn how to do it for yourself.

Now that is sustainability. This is why I study, practice and teach the Nia Technique and the MELT Method.  The Nia Technique has taught me to study the design of the body (The Body’s Way) and also to understand my own body (My Body’s Way). This empowering combination keeps me moving in ways that create greater health and wellbeing. The Melt Method has convinced me there is a simple way to get out of pain–and to not accept “this is what getting older feels like”.

Forget about working out…Center.Move.Heal. When you move well, you live well. Enjoy your body. Enjoy moving it whether that be biking, running, playing sports or dancing. Get out of the “work” mentality and step into the delight of moving you body. The Center for Movment & Healing is here to help you do that!