Massage & Bodywork Professionals


Sandy Oettle | Black Moon Massage

BlackMoon-logo-web-landingSandy’s main focus at Black Moon Massage is to stimulate the quieter side of our consciousness that modern day living overruns with its infinite variety and options to be and remain stimulated.

As a facilitator of well-being and health, Sandy has found her place as a massage therapist. She is trained in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone massage techniques.

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Shawn Kellogg | Bodywork and Movement

Shawn KelloggShawn Kellogg is a structural integration practitioner and movement coach. Structural integration is an interactive manual therapy that works with the connective tissue to bring the body towards a more functional and comfortable shape. He takes clients through sessions that create ease in uprightness, free limitations in range of movement and relieve tension.

Shawn’s helps his clients understand how their habits affect their body and how to build movement habits around their life patterns. He has experience working with children, teens and adults. He specializes in working with movers from all disciplines (dancers, martial artists, athletes, circus artists, yoga practitioners, etc.) bodyworkers and the physically curious.

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