MELT Method

melt_id_fb Welcome to the new Art of Self-Care–The MELT Method.


The MELT Method is a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain. Using a specialized soft foam roller and small balls as tools, MELT helps mobilize joints, rehydrate your body’s connective tissue and rebalance your nervous system. This  Hands-off Bodywork (R) approach will increase joint mobility, improve posture and balance while enhancing your body’s ability to heal.

Curious how MELT works, here’s a quick blurb from MELT creator Sue Hitzmann’s blog:

My pain and the desire to resolve it was the catalyst to finding a universal solution and answer to what really causes pain to become chronic. I’ve been privileged to be  a part of a growing field of science and research leading the way to figuring out the effects of daily living on our body’s natural ability to remain stable and efficient. What most people don’t know about is something I’ve become a bit obsessed about – cellular stability. What keeps our cells and ultimately our entire body stable?

The connective tissue system is what provides our body architectural stability. Our repetitive habits from sitting to training for a sport cause the cells of our connective tissue to become stressed and dehydrated. Think of your connective tissue like a sponge. When it’s hydrated it’s flexible, resilient, and mobile. When it’s dry it’s stiff, and inflexible. You can’t just pour water on a sponge to get all the cells to juice up. You have to “work” the sponge, squeeze it, twist it, and that’s what gets the fluids deep into the sponge.

Connective tissue adapts to our posture and movements. This is a good and a bad thing. If you sit all day long your connective tissue will adapt to allow you to sit there with your head carriage forward so you do it efficiently. However, that will mean that for you to do much of anything else will take more energy to yield the demand of other positions or movements.

weight and posture

This is where things can go awry. Your nervous system has to work harder and harder just to have you move about and that exhausts your internal resources that provide stability.

If your stability system is inefficiently keeping your joints stable, well, you move inefficiently too. This makes life awfully tough to live. Your body simply adjusts to reserve energy. This means slower metabolism, increased weight gain, and slowly both cause low grade inflammation to be a constant state of your body. This type of inflammation decreases your body’s ability to heal and repair cells – accelerating the aging process and increasing your sensation of pain and ache.

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Recently featured (and LOVED!) on the Dr. Oz show, Rachael Ray and Good Morning America, MELT Creator Sue Hitzmann’s Best Selling Book The MELT Method is teaching people how easy and effective this self-treatment technique is to incorporate into your daily living.

Jill Pagano, Founding Director of The Center for Movement & Healing is a fully certified MELT Instructor in both the Hand & Foot treatment and the Foam Roller technique. She works with private clients looking to rid themselves of fatigue, lower back pain, foot pain, other joint pain who have a desire to take their healing in their own hands. Check our “schedule” tab for ongoing classes.

Jill also accepts private clients who are interested in learning MELT for pain relief, athletic performance and self-care. You can contact for her rates and packages.

You can learn more about the MELT Method at: or read MELT creator Sue Hitzmann’s blog here.