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Shawn KelloggShawn Kellogg is a school-certified structural integration practitioner, a somatic educator, as well as a circus coach and acrobat. He graduated from The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork (PCAB) in Hawaii in 2012 and has completed 225 of continuing education with Kinesis Myofascial Integration in Portland, Oregan. He has completed two, two-month intensives at the San Francisco Circus Center mostly focusing on handstands, floor tumbling, trampoline, and flexibility and hundreds of hours of movement training in other circus spaces. He has studied modern and partner dance as well as yoga.

In his sessions, Shawn emphasizes client awareness and education and is passionate about facilitating long-lasting change in his clients. He strives to consistently engage his clients and fill in the gaps of their education to help them overcome limitations and become more comfortable, more agile and stronger in their bodies.

Structural Integration (SI) is a manual therapy that works with the body’s connective tissue using touch and client movement. The main goal of this work is to bring your body towards a more functional resting place. Accomplishing this usually brings greater ease to movement, pain relief, and a release of uncomfortable tension. As a you receive the work, you will likely feel taller, have less discomfort, and become more aware of your body.

Receiving SI can bring positive changes that you will likely feel and see within the first twenty minutes. If you have been struggling with pain or discomfort and haven’t found success with chiropractic work, physical therapy or massage, it is likely structural integration will bring you relief. If you want to develop a self-care routine and feel a deeper connection to your body the coaching I offer will provide you with a foundation and help strengthen productive movement habits.


Structural Integration

60-minute session: $125
90-minute session: $160

Movement Coaching

60-minute session: $100
90-minute session: $135

Under 30-year-olds please accept 30% off all session fees.

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