Teaching Professionals

Jill Pagano | Founding Director | Movement Educator| MELT Method Instructor| ACSM Personal Trainer

Jill works as a somatic movement educator, MELT Method instructor and personal trainer. She  has been loving, learning and sharing ways to have a more meaningful relationship with your body for over 25 years. Falling in love with somatic movement (less doing more sensing) at a convention for aerobic instructors, Jill cast aside her hard-core fitness days for a more holistic, loving approach towards her body. Her extensive education and experience as a dancer, specialized personal trainer and holistic movement coach lends to her inspirational, educational and energy-filled classes and private training sessions. Jill has training in The MELT Method (self-care method), Anatomy in Motion (gait analysis and movement education) and The Nia Technique (20 years). In January of 2013, Jill opened The Center for Movement & Healing, a collaborative holistic-movement studio with classes that inspire you to Center-Move-Heal. Contact: Jill@CenterMoveHeal.com


SiFu Viola Brumbaugh | Tai Chi | Qigong

violaViola Brumbaugh began her study of Tai Chi with Master David Leung in Eugene, Oregon nearly 20 years ago. Since that time, she has devoted herself to internal Chinese Martial Arts, particularly Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun & Qigong. She has traveled to China on numerous occasions and has had the privilege of training with and learning from some of the highest level living masters. In 1999, she was inducted as an indoor student of Master Leung, and then, in 2007 became a disciple of Grandmaster Chen ZhengLei, 19th generation Chen Family Lineage holder. Integrating a combination of traditional and creative teaching methods, Sifu Viola Brumbaugh’s ongoing classes are structured to help you develop flexibility, relaxation, balance and strength. Contact Viola@wise-orchid.com


Kat Allen | Yoga

Kat Allen, a lifelong mover, began teaching yoga in 1987 and has an extensive background in dance, yoga, healing and consciousness.  She is a licensed a psychotherapist, and runs the Four Aims Center for Mind-Body Therapy in West Seattle, specializing in trauma, addiction and couples counseling. As a yogi, Kat stands out for the in-depth path she took as a student of the incomparable yoga master T. Krishnamacarya and his disciples, and her dedicated service of teaching yoga in all its forms to the Seattle community has enriched many over the years.  Kat is certified in Iyengar, Viniyoga, and Sivananda yoga.  She has been blessed to study yoga, Tibetan energy practices, Vajrayana Buddhism and Qi Gong in India, Nepal and Tibet, and her living teacher is TsoknyI Rinpoche.  Contact: Kat@fouraims.com or www.fouraims.com for more info on her practice.


Melanie McFarland | Nia Black Belt

Mel_NiaPicIn 2008, Melanie McFarland desperate to enact positive change in her life, typed the word “dance” and “West Seattle” into Google’s search field, and the first result was a Nia class. She stepped in gingerly…and discovered a way of being she never imagined existed. She found emotional wellness through Nia, dancing her way out of the dark and into a new era of creativity and possibility. Melanie took her White Belt in 2011, because “sharing the joy of Nia is a tremendous experience — the groove is in the heart!” Melanie is a currently a Black Belt Nia teacher. Contact: melaniedmcfarland@gmail.com


Mirabai Asal | Bellydance

bellydanceSince her first explorations into the art of Middle Eastern Dance, 20-plus years ago, Mirabai was hooked. Since then she has studied under many nationally and internationally acclaimed bellydancers and Middle East dance ethnographers. She has also performed and taught for many audiences around the globe and has won a number of awards. Mirabai is thrilled to bring bellydance classes to the Center for Movement & Healing. Please join her in class to discover the magic of bellydance.

Contact Mirabai at 206.883.7123 or Mirabaidance@fastmail.fm


Derik Kleinhesselink | Pilates, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS®

pilatesDerik began his professional performing career as a dancer and singer. After 20 years of performing in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and National Tours, his chronic back pain and injuries were too severe to continue. While focusing on a new career in photography, Derik discovered Pilates and regained his strength and alignment to continue dancing free from injury and pain.

Taking his focus towards helping others who shared his chronic conditions, Derik became a certified Pilates instructor as well as Group Fitness instructor with emphasis on Pilates Mat, Zumba & Barre work.

The forever student, Derik was seeking something else that would not only benefit himself and his students physically but also energetically. He found it in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® expansion systems. Using choreographed sequences, these methods gently stimulate the central nervous system creating harmony energetically within the body and simultaneously toning muscles and increasing range of motion. Derik is a certified Gyrotonic trainer and a certified Gyrokinesis Apprentice.


Ann Nicolaysen | Nia Brown & Green Belt

Ann-NickFor more than thirty years Ann’s path and passion has been, and continues to be, an exploration of the magnificent human form. This comes from her love of the performing arts and the healing arts. She began her journey as an aerobics/fitness instructor, then received a BFA in acting from Cornish College of The Arts, and went on to discover a rewarding twenty plus year path as a massage and craniosacral therapist specializing in connective tissue therapies.

She can be contacted at ann.nicolaysen@gmail.com.


Shandi Wolfe Weaver | Nia Brown & Green Belt

shandi 001 (1)Shandi stepped into her first Nia class in 2001 while she was recovering from a serious spinal injury from an auto accident that had severely impacted her cervical and lumbar spine resulting in significant pain with basic movements such as walking, standing bending, sitting and lying prone.

Nia has transformed her body from stiff to fluid; she is a true testament of the healing potential Nia brings to those who take the time to self heal with this practice.

Shandi has been teaching the Nia Technique since 2006, inspiring her students to experience their own body, mind and spirit transformations.

contact Shandi: shandi@soundalchemy.us


Liz Dilley | Pilates With Liz

Liz DilleyLiz found her love for Pilates when recovering from a back injury in College. Through the years as a contemporary dancer she continued using what she had learned in Pilates to maintain a strong balanced body. Liz fell away from Pilates while pursuing an acting career, but again found the work while recovering from a shoulder injury. This time it stuck. Having stepped away from her dance career she missed working with the body. Pilates filled the void and she loves being back in the studio working with all types of bodies, from those who are just beginning their Pilates journey to those who have a movement history. Liz has a keen eye for alignment and body mechanics. She is excited to be putting her years of movement investigation to use with Pilates and the MELT method.

Liz holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts, a Certificate in Performance from the Laban Center of London, a Diploma in Theater Arts from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a Comprehensive Certificate in Pilates from Core Pilates NYC and is a MELT hand and foot instructor.

Liz has been enjoying working with clients on their daily and long term goals as well as helping them find ease of movement through their Pilates practices since 2013.

Contact Liz at PilatesWithLiz@yahoo.com.