Wellness Professionals

Jill Pagano | CenterMoveHeal

Jill Pagano is a somatic movement educator who helps people get back to their body. Her small groups and private sessions provide the tools for building awareness, understanding the body’s language of sensation and empowering people to recognize how they can begin to have a positive, enjoyable conscious relationship with their body for greater health and well being.  Jill works with people who have been struggling with your body, whether due to an injury, illness or simply out of dissatisfaction helps them make peace with their body again.

For a free 15-minute phone Meet & Greet: email jill@centermoveheal.com or call to schedule 206-999-1743



Erika Dudra, DC | Chiropractic Care

Erika DudraDr. Erika Dudra of Olympic Family Chiropractic offers gentle, specific chiropractic care, with an emphasis on Atlas Orthogonal and Bio-Geometric Integration. Utilizing an understanding of the innate geometry of the body, Dr. Dudra incorporates concepts of tensegrity, force dynamics, and biodynamics in order to deliver personalized, tailored care each visit.

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